Prabhat Dairy stands on four important pillars of sustainability – People, Planet, Performance and Product. These pillars also are the foundation of our goodwill.


We are an environment-friendly brand with a focus on creating a sustainable community. All our manufacturing practices undergo periodic evaluations. This includes audits of air and water quality, waste management, spill prevention & control, management of hazardous materials, employee awareness and more.


The local community consists of farmers, our employees and suppliers. Together, they form a crucial framework in the making of a sustainable network. We ensure everyone from this network receives fair treatment, opportunities and payments. Regular risk assessments are conducted. Safety protocols are followed. Farmers are provided with best-in-class agro services, veterinary support for the cattle as well as financial assistance to buy cattle. Our workplaces and practices focus on the health and well-being of our employees.


With an internationally accepted Total Quality Management (TQM) system in place, all our business verticals, from production, R&D to supply chain, function at an exceptional quality pace.

TQM process involves:
  • Implementing top-class manufacturing facilities with stringent goals
  • Deployment of trained manpower
  • A developed MIS for monitoring and for continuous improvement


All our products reflect the deep gratitude that we have for this planet and its every living being. Our dairy products are a source of nutrition and well-being for the people.